Top 5 Highest Grossing Solo Superhero Movie

The superhero movies don’t tend to have strong stories but sometimes they manage to make millions because of its entertainment factor. The bold costumes, strange creatures, awesome action scenes, crazy mind-blowing visuals and a bit of fun, emotions, drama make a perfect package. But some action movies win hearts than the others.  At least the figures say so. Here’s the list of 5 highest grossing solo superhero movies that blew out the Movie Box Office with their earnings.

1.Spider-Man 3

Release date: 4th May 2007

Looking at the trailers, people got super thrilled to see how Spiderman deals with his alter ego that is his alien avatar. The movie broke all previous records of the same franchise. Tobey Maguire has been really lucky as all the Spiderman movies were throwing back to back hits. But specifically in this one, Topher Grace stole the show. The movie managed to surpass the highest earnings of the first Spider-Man movie which made around $821.7 million worldwide during its time.

Opening Weekend-$151 million

Domestic Gross-$336.5 million

Worldwide-$890.9 million


Release date: 12th February 2016

This movie with a dark deadly name has much humor to share with its fans. Even people, who have no idea about superheroes and their movies, do remember the funny Deadpool memes that go viral on the internet. Deadpool shows how being a superhero does not always been to be Mr. Nicey. This madman superhero character managed to make few fortunes by his imperfections. This movie has been the highest earning R-rated movie of all time.

Opening weekend-$132.4 million

Domestic gross-$363 million

Worldwide gross-745.9 million

3.The Dark Knight

Release date: 18th July 2008

Just when people were not getting enough of the Spider-Man 3, Christopher Nolan made sure we did. The Dark Knight released just a year after Spider-Man 3 and broke its records in the opening week itself. Who doesn’t love the batman-joker interrogation? The movie gives some serious life lessons disguised in dark humor. When you get an amazing story with superhero stunts and engaging action scenes, the movie is sure to earn millions of fans.

Opening weekend-$158.4 million

Domestic gross: $534 million

Worldwide-$1.004 billion

4.Iron man 3

Release date: 26th April 2013

What happens when a classic Marvel comic’s superhero pops out into a real live figure on screen? Some glowing eyes and summer salts maybe? On top of that, Robert Downey playing the hot shot smart billionaire Tony Stark who becomes a super hero not only made him irresistibly charming but kept the viewer hooked to their seats. Iron Man is basically a trilogy but it is the third film that found the most success. It seems like 3 is the fortune no. for all superhero films.

Opening weekend-$174.14 million

Domestic gross- $409 million

Worldwide-1.214 billion


5.Black Panther

 Release date: 26th January 2018

Another hit movie from the Marvel films that made its way to the top is none other than the latest release Black Panther. Interestingly all the cast members are more or less from the black community. Expecting that as the movie is set in an African Land.  The movie successfully broke all records that have ever been made in Box Office. It went on to make a staggering 1 billion in just 26 days. And this is not the end. It continues to triumph over all super-hero movies.

Opening weekend- $202 million

Domestic gross- $562 million

Worldwide- $1 billion and counting

So this was our list of top solo superhero movies which rained money. Tell us which was your favorite?

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